Create beautiful, shareable graphics to showcase the NFTs you love

Put a spotlight on your NFTs with our design studio for web3. Create social banners, wallpapers, 3D experiences, and AI-powered designs to show the 🌎 your favourite digital assets.

About ID8R

We are building a set of tools to make ID8R the first stop for every NFT you collect. Still copying your JPEGs into tweets? Give them an ID8R makeover to help them ✨pop✨ in social media posts and profiles, on websites, and on your devices.


Here are just a few of the ways you can showcase your NFTs with ID8R 🖼️. We continue to explore new ways of self-expression and curating collectibles.

Social Banners

How many visits to your socials result in a follow? Give your profile an upgrade with hand-crafted designs to match your favourite avatar.


Do you have an NFT you want to give a visual twist? AI REMIX will give your favourites a fresh new look with the click of a button.

3D Displays

Are you ready for the future? Coming soon is a modern upgrade to every NFT you own. Transporting your 2D JPEGs into the 3D metaverse.

Device Wallpapers

Want a reminder of your favourite NFTs every time you dive into an early morning phone sesh? We've got designs for desktop and mobile.


Creating custom utility for NFT collections, contact us to add yours.


Slabbed unlocks utility on ID8R: the ability for you to digitally slab your NFTs.
Mint Slabbed

PX Emojis

Celebrating over 400 emojis created to fit a 16x16 px canvas.
Coming soon.

Our Collections

From passes that unlock features on ID8R, to open editions for those following our journey 💖

...And More

What comes next will only be limited by our imaginations. Let's get creative.


Our team have been active members of the web3 community for years.

We are passionate about extending and promoting the use of distributed ledgers well beyond money, to include identities, collectibles, and social content.

We are building this for you 🫂

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Reach out for anything, including having your collection featured on our platform, to ideas or questions, or to chat about web3. We love hearing from you ✌️

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