Activate your NFT community and supercharge social engagement!

🖼️ Make your NFT collection stand out on social media, outsmarting the algorithm and driving engagement.

✨ Provide your community with exciting new experiences to unlock the potential of their NFTs from your collection.


We already know that NFT collectors want the ability to personalize their NFTs and will engage on social media with customized graphics.

It's time to get your community activated with ID8R.

How it works

Three simple steps that your community can take once your NFT collection is supported on ID8R.


NFTs are imported by mint number / token ID, with no need to connect the wallet which holds the NFT.


Choose the NFT to personalize


Customize the NFT by selecting a design, stickers, and text


Download the graphic to share


Here are just a few of the ways that we can help your community showcase their NFTs 🖼️ in attention grabbing ways.

Social Banners

Enable your community to brand their social profiles using graphic assets that are perfectly matched to the collection, on which they can embed their favorite NFT and customize text.


We can work with you to create a custom set of AI remix styles that suit your collection. Your community can then transform their NFT in a way that still has its roots back to the original artwork.

3D Displays

We can give your 2D JPEGs a 3D twist and enable your community to embed them in a 3D animated scene which they can instantly download and share to their social feed.

Device Wallpapers

Want a way for your community to have a constant reminder of their favorite NFTs every time they pick up their phone? We can incorporate customizable wallpapers for desktop and mobile.


We have plans to suit solo artists through to thriving web3 teams looking to supercharge their social engagement. We can package a custom plan. We can accept credit card or crypto (e.g., USDT, ETH).


Best for artist-led collections
$ 0 you provide the artwork
  • Custom URL for your collection
  • Slab design for your collection
  • Social post / banner designs


Best for small communities
$ 99 one time payment
  • Custom URL for your collection
  • Slab design for your collection, we create the artwork
  • Speech bubble for your collection, we create the artwork
  • We can host other designs you or your community creates


Best for growing communities
$ 649 per year
  • Custom URL for your collection with personalized landing graphic
  • Slab design for your collection, we create the artwork
  • Social post, banner, and wallpapers, we create the artwork
  • ID8R watermark removed from all designs and we can add yours
  • Custom placeholder images, we create the artwork
  • AI Remix available to your community (500 remixes / month)
  • Custom stickers for your collection, we create the artwork
Best Value

Frequently Asked Questions

Any custom designs we create for your collection remain available to your community for life. If your subscription expires we remove access to other premium features and place our watermark on the designs.

At the moment we have support for Ethereum, Base, Polygon, and ShimmerEVM. We are planning to add Solana and Bitcoin (Ordinals) soon and can integrate other networks in conjunction with a premium subscription. Let us know what you’d like to see.

The free plan is for communities that have artists available to work with us to create the artwork. We provide templates and a guide on creating the designs, you then provide the completed artwork which we add to the platform for your community to use free.

About ID8R

ID8R is a flexible design platform with a focus on web3.

We enable NFT collectors to give their digital assets a makeover to help them ✨pop✨ in social media posts and profiles, on websites, and on wallpapers.

Your community wants to share their NFT regularly, but posting the same image repeatedly gets old, fast.

We bring the excitement of sharing an NFT for the first time, every time!

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