Create beautiful, shareable graphics to showcase the Reddit NFTs you love

Put a spotlight on your NFTs with our design studio for web3. We are creating a range of graphics for holders of Reddit Collectible Avatars. Watch this space. In the meantime find our handy preview of Gen 3 below.

Gen 3 Preview

This is a database we put together for those interested in the upcoming Reddit Collectible Avatars Gen 3 drop, recently announced for the week beginning April 10 👀

Browse the confirmed artists, follow their socials, check their portfolios, and see previews of their upcoming collections 🖼️

We will have a series of graphics available to help collectors of these NFTs show them off in unique ways. Some will be free, others will require one of our Aliens HD NFTs, which also provide a lifetime of access to premium designs on ID8R. Mint one for only 0.025 ETH to support our work ✨

Thanks goes to r/avatartrading where we sourced part of the artist list and previews.

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